martes, 1 de julio de 2008

It was a filthy block of flats.Trash was on the floor.A stink was in my nose;Hinges off the doors.She took me in her room,All was spic and span,Fixed me up a drink;Turned down all the lamps,And the rain fell down,on the cold hard ground.And the phone kept ringing,and we made sweet love.Follow it up in this strange grey town,they build it up and let it all fall down.Feel like we´re living in a battleground.Everybody´s jazzed,follow it up in this strange grey town.The paint is peeling and the sky turned brown.The bankers are wankers, every Thursday night,they just vomit on that ground.And the rain fell down,the cold grey town.And the phone kept ringing;And we made sweet love.Everybody´s dreamingmEverybody´s scheming until the rain fall down.She cooked me up some eggs.Then she made some te.aKissed me on the cheek.And I turned on her TV.It was all the usual crap.All the usual sleaze.For two thousand quid.Some bimbo spilled the beans, yeah! And the rain fell down,on the cold grey town.And the phone kept ringing.And we made sweet lov.eAnd the rain fell downAnd we made, and we made, and we made sweet love.And the phone kept, the phone kept ringing... Yeah!

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